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12 years ago, we were wanting a website for our little arts company. Quotes were coming in from web designers in the thousands, and we simply didn’t have that kind of money to begin with.  Enter makeasite.

Our arts company quickly went to the side and we focused on getting this software out to the thousands of people, small businesses, sporting clubs, events and brands that wanted a professional website for an affordable price.

What is so good about makeasite?

Firstly, it’s easy to use. It’s a DIY website builder that allows even those with basic computer skills to set up a website. We have hundreds of templates to get you started or start with a blank template if you dable in design and want to bring in your own elements.

Login anywhere. Anytime.

So you’ve caught a last minute flight from Sydney to Paris and suddenly realised you haven’t updated your website?

Wow.. tough life!

No problem though – go down to the swanky lobby of your hotel and log on to your site to update it. Your website is saved in the makeasite cloud so you can access it from anywhere in the world.

2 week free trial.

Not sure if you like the sound of us? Simply get started and create your own website and you don’t pay a thing for 2 weeks. We don’t ask you for credit card details, just simply use makeasite and see if you like it. We’ll contact you before your 2 weeks are up to see if you want to continue keeping it.


makeasite is an easy DIY website builder, allowing even those with no web design knowledge to design a professional, affordable and awesome website!

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